In Chicken you must collect a certain amount of Stars by killing flesh-eating chicken. the number of stars needed to be collected increase by stage. Also the higher the diffculty the more chickens come and try to corner you, you also only have 3 lives, losing all three will result in the game ending.
Whacked 7

Chicken gametype screen.

Battle TacticsEdit

Chicken can be from the easiest, to the most frustrating in Whacked!

So, here is some tactics, good weapons to use against them, and where to be standing.


  • Always be jumping, this makes it harder for you to get eaten or cornered.
  • Never stand still, Chickens may pop up behind or in front of and may get a chance to corner you, so only stand if you want to swap a weapon.


Some weapons are highly effective, while others are almost completely useless, here's a list of good and bad weapons to use against them.

Effective WeaponsEdit

  • Plunger Missles: Coming in handy packs of three, these can kill a tremendous amount of chickens in a second, round some of them up for a cluster of stars, it dosen't cause to much damage to yourself, so you won't have to worry about sucide. Don't waste any of these either, because they can save your life, Fire at them at medium range and stay back and watch the feathers fly.
  • Cleavers: Throwing Cleavers are far by, one of the most effective weapons against chickens, you can dispatch them one by one, in a quick succession, because of the Cleaver's fast rate of fire. You can score a big multi-kill with a Cleaver, which will release many stars.
  • Yolk-O-Matic: This rapid fire weapon is highly effective, as it can kill a cluster of chickens in a matter of seconds, it will lock on to a single chicken one at a time to eliminate them.

Very EasyEdit

Few chickens come, and it is very hard for them to corner you.


A bit more chickens come, a tiny bit easier to corner you.


Many chickens are now on the screen at once, and it becomes harder to avoid them.


A massive amount of chickens are now on the screen and chickens can be seen spawning out of walls, you can be easily cornered too.


  • If you play each studio and mission in a row, Chicken will be the first gametype you play in Stage 1
  • In Death Wall, they can be seen spawning out of the walls, even if there are spikes out.