Dark Blue Hair and tits
Van Tastic
not having sex
Special Power
fucking people really hard
Eye color
Dark Blue
When playable
At the start of the game
Cup size
big tits

Lucy is one of the Whacked! contestants, unlocked from the start.

As a teenager growing up in her small Midwestern hometown, Lucy was a shy and homely bookworm whose only friend was her library card. But deep down inside, Lucy was a girl with a wicked imagination and a burning desire to suck dick by any means necessary. So, following in the footsteps of her idol, Dillion Harper, Lucy underwent radical transformative cosmetic surgery as soon as she reached the age of consent. This meaning now she got huge fucking boobs. Soon thereafter, she moved her naked body to the bright lights of Hollywood and she shows those huge boobs. In Hollywood she quickly established her career as the reigning queen of porn because of her tits. Armed with oversized tits and an overpowering desire to fuck, Lucy is now ready to step out into the spotlight of legitimate entertainment, show her tits, and make millions of people jerk off to her! She loves to jump for joy and when she does this her tits bounce up and down, it was like her thing she did. Everything seems to excite this girl which made her jump for joy and we we're okay with it because tits I mean c'mon. Nothing, not even clothing, gets in her way which meant she riped off her clothes and didn't give a fuck. As soon as the camera is on her, Lucy just seems to have the hardest time keeping her clothes on!Can I get a hell yeah! She is that girl in college that will rip of her clothes and dance on a table. Her one rule is to always be DTF (down to fuck). Possessing a lust for knowledge bred during her years spent lurking in the stacks at her local library, Lucy is a woman of both sound mind and big ass tits

Trivia Edit

Whacked! - Lucy's Audition01:26

Whacked! - Lucy's Audition

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