The Big Red Button is a gadget that is introduced after completing stage 1 due to Van realizing that he had lost one viewer. So he introduced the gadget to make things a little more interesting other than the contestants killing each other. It is used to change the rules of the game temporarily.

Things that can happen when the Big Red Button is Pressed... Edit

Here are a list of things(good or bad)that can occur when it is pressed:

  • Good(for everyone):
    1. Missile fest!
    2. Play Ball!
    3. Simmer down
  • Bad(For everyone or one player):
    1. Death
    2. Fish eye lens
    3. Magnet
    4. Minefield
    5. Screwed!
    6. Swap!
    7. Upside-down cam
    8. You're it!
    9. Night of the ZOMBIE STARS!

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